Kimya & Shannen

Like many of our couples, Kimya and Shannen met through Social Media. Although they aren't to enthused about how they met, they describe everything after formerly meeting as nothing short of amazing. After their initial meeting in person, Kimya took Shannen who is a Professional Chef to IHOP, which Kimya describes as being very risky, because the choice of cuisine was unmatched for the Chef's taste buds and it almost caused Kimya a fair shot at the relationship. Although Shannen wasn't too thrilled about Kimya's dinner selection she played it cool and still ordered from the limited menu. Through it all, they made it though 3 years on a food journey while building a lasting foundation.

When asked about the "Big Proposal" Kimya responded with, "Who actually proposes in nontraditional relationships? Kimya does!". Kimya took Shannen to dinner and invited Shannen's Mother and Sister along.  She along with her two friends prepared a surprise dessert and wine party for Shannen at their house. Although she was so stressed out in preparation to pop the question she prevailed. She  blindfolded Shannen on the ride home and lead her into the house.  Upon entry everyone jumped out and yelled surprise and proceeded to read a poem that was prepared by Kimya to Shannen. The last sentence of the poem was recited by Kimya which read, "will you marry me".  In the words of Kimya, Shannen stated, "It would be rude to say I guess that means yes!" 

On their wedding day Kimya and Shannen are looking forward to sharing their day of love with all of their family, friends, and friends of their family and friends. The Smith Wedding will be a family affair for sure!

Kimya and Shannen will tye the knot on November 18, 2017 at Robin Hill Farm and Vinyards in Brandywine, MD. The B Astonished Events planners are looking forward to the Smith's Vintage Chic wedding this fall. 


Yasmín and Brandon

Brandon and Yasmín met at a labor law conference for minority law students at the end of Yasmín's first year and Brandon's second year of law school. When Brandon approached the conference room for the participants, he saw Yasmín sitting and quickly walked to the restroom to make sure he looked debonair. Yasmín recalls Brandon having an attitude when she initially approached him to inquire about his last name, however Brandon saw his "straight to the point" response as nothing more than a typical response from a New Yorker. Later that day, they found out that they had mutual acquaintances. And in his opinion, they shared a ice cream sandwich when Yasmín offered him the rest of hers. Following the two day conference Brandon emailed Yasmín to offer to answer any questions she had about labor law and to be a resource as she embarked on her second year of law school. [He thought he was slick!] From there they developed a friendship which led to...well...this!

When Brandon knew Yasmín was the one [which he knew very early on according to his friends], he took Yasmín to NY for his annual Christmas Tree viewing at Rockerfeller Center with his father. After spending 4 seconds viewing the tree and going to eat at their favorite NY restaurant, Dallas BBQs, Brandon rushed Yasmín to Central Park for what he claimed was a surprise. Once at Central Park, they embarked on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the park and viewed historic landmarks. They got out numerous times to take pictures and on one of their departures from the carriage, the driver asked Yasmín if she trusted Brandon, which led to her being blind folded. Brandon escorted Yasmín down to a secluded lake where a violinist began to play "All My Life" by K-Ci & JoJo. Yasmín can't recall anything Brandon said leading up to the "big question," but she does remember the pure panic on his face when the ring wouldn't go past her knuckle - No fear! The ring fit, but he was just nervous. From there they got back in the carriage with the violinist serenading them until the ride ended. 

On their wedding day Brandon and Yasmín are looking forward to all of their time and hard work coming to fruition as they get to embark on the next chapter of their lives, with friends and loves ones watching alongside. Oh and of course the dancing, food [& drinks], and music! The Groom to be also wanted to mention,"And lets not forget, we will be one day closer to our honeymoon!"

Yasmín and Brandon will be saying "I do" on October 8, 2017 at the breathtaking Legg Mason Towers in Baltimore, MD.  The B Astonished Event Planners are looking forward to our very first October Wedding 24 story's above ground. We will literally and figuratively be on cloud 9 for #WorththeWaite

Dinesha and John

Dinesha and John attended Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville, MD, but they really didn't get to know each other until after they graduated. John was a senior, and Dinesha was a freshman. John played varsity basketball, and Dinesha was a varsity cheerleader. Everyone always asked if they knew each other while they were in high school and John's reply was always, "I didn't speak to freshman." After Dinesha graduated from McNamara she attended Bowie State University and John attended Johnson C. Smith University.

Every year, John and Dinesha celebrate her birthday in a different country. This year, they decided to travel back to St. Maarten and Anguilla to explore a bit more. Dinesha expressed how they always enjoy each other's company and have the best adventures. After two nights in St. Maarten, they hopped on a ferry and headed to Anguilla. That evening, they held hands and walked to a nearby restaurant on the beach for dinner. Dinesha describes it as the most romantic scene ever! As they headed back to the hotel, John suggested that they grab a drink and talk as they listened to the waves. After a few minutes of chatting, John pulled out a small box and told Dinesha that he purchased a necklace to replace her favorite one that she always wear. It was that very moment when John got down on one knee and asked for Dinesha’s hand in marriage. Of course she said, "YES!!" After the proposal Dinesha described herself as being the happiest woman in the world, she gloated about receiving the best present ever - a man/best friend who always puts her best interests first.

Dinesha and John have always envisioned getting married in a non-traditional, innovative, and intimate venue, while being surrounded by their loving friends and family. They are looking forward to a non-stop celebration, as well as memorable photos and videos documenting their special day!

Dinesha and John will be saying "I do" on December 10, 2017 at the gorgeous Carnegie Institute for Science in Washington, DC. The B Astonished Event Planners are looking forward to Dinesha and John's contemporary intimate affair this winter.


Brystle and Quentin

Brystle and Quentin met in 2012 when a friend added Brystle to an email list-serve at work with other young, black professionals, known as "The List."  Although, both Brystle and Quentin spoke to each other regularly on the emails, their first notable interaction came when they sat next to each other during a lunch outing at an Indian restaurant. Brystle and Quentin became good friends, and over the years their friendship grew as The List members planned several happy hours, cookouts, and events. It wasn't until 2015 that their friendship turned into more. Quentin posted about an old school R&B concert to The List to see if anyone was interested in going, and due to Brystle's love for old school R&B and concerts, she immediately responded.  No one else from The List ended up going. March Madness brought Brystle and Quentin even closer.  Brystle and Quentin ended up going to a college basketball game together, after talking about how much they both enjoyed college basketball.  They also went to Front Page in DC to watch a couple of March Madness games and hang out.  That is where Quentin let it be known to Brystle that he preferred not to be in the friend zone and asked to take Brystle out on a date.  He took her on a day-long first date and the rest was history!

In May 2016, Brystle received a call from a friend telling her he was going to propose to his girlfriend on June 11th and wanted her presence at the proposal. She was very excited and honored to be a part of this special moment! On June 11, Quentin got a call about going to help set up for the friend's proposal and later called Brystle to tell her to meet him across the street from the proposal location so they could drive to the location in one car.  When they arrived, Brystle saw mutual friends so she didn't suspect anything. There was music playing in the background and Brystle talked to others that were there. The song "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake played and Quentin started dancing with Brystle. He led her to a chair with a mirror behind it and then disappeared. Brystle immediately stood up because she didn't want to ruin what she thought was her friend's event. A friend insisted she sit there so that it didn't look obvious others arrive. Brystle thought that was strange but went with it. Suddenly, everyone started giving Brystle flowers, pictures, and hugs. She kept asking what is going on? Then, her other friends and family came from around the corner with flowers. She was in such disbelief that she kept asking what they were doing there. The last person to come around the corner was Quentin wearing a suit that he changed into, and he asked Brystle to marry him. Brystle was completely surprised! Of course, she said yes!

On the day of their wedding Quentin is looking forward to see Brystle walk down the aisle and Brystle is looking forward to exchanging vows and officially becoming Husband and Wife. They both are looking forward to their wedding  reception to share this significant day with their family and friends. 

Brystle and Quentin will be married on September 24, 2017 at They Hyatt Regency, Crystal City VA followed by a scenic cocktail hour overlooking the Ronald Reagan National Airport and a fun filled party atmosphere wedding reception.

Checkout their engagement video below:

Melissa and Blair

Melissa and Blair met in College at the University of Maryland, College Park. It wasn’t until January 2014 when their union was established. Being that they both were sports fanatics, it was only fitting that their first date involved them attending a Washington Redskin game. It was their love of the game that brought them together. As their dates became significant, they knew it was meant to be. As time evolved, they became best friends and began to feel  more comfortable around one another. Like most couples that have their “go-to spots” for dates, Melissa and Blair always tried to incorporate new ways to spend time with each other to make it more exciting. Whether it was trying new restaurants, going to concerts, lavish trips, sporting events, recreational activities, bowling, kayaking, or an occasional walk around town, they made sure to create new memories every chance they got.

Melissa said that it came as a total surprise when Blair decided to propose at the National Harbor. The weather was perfect and the sun shined ever so bright, and what she thought was just another photo opportunity turned into him getting down on one knee. The National Harbor, located at the Potomac River in Oxon Hill, MD, is where they spent a lot of their spontaneous date nights. On the afternoon of August 31, 2016, Blair told Melissa to get dressed so they could enjoy a nice dinner on the waterfront. As they arrived and began walking along the waterfront Blair asked a patron walking by to take a picture of them, and right before Melissa's eyes, he was down on one knee asking her to marry him! Of course she said YES! Melissa and Blair are so excited to start the beginning of their eternal LOVE story. Melissa said that Blair is all that she could ask for in a husband and she can’t wait to see what life has in store for them. 

We are looking forward to our very own B Astonished Events CEO wedding. Melissa and Blair will be married on August 18, 2017 at The Sunset Room by Wolfgang Puck at the National Harbor followed by a waterside cocktail hour and a lavish, elegant, and chic reception. 

Young Love Wins!!

          If you would have asked Lauren and Jahmari about marriage seven years ago they would have laughed at the thought of it. Was it denial or were they just not into one another? After years of being friends in high school Jahmari never made a pass at Lauren. On one hot summer night Lauren received a text from Jahmari asking for her to come outside. For anyone who is familiar with Lauren knows that she immediately turned down the invitation with the fear of getting caught by her parents, but for Jahmari she gave in with a stipulation that she would not stay out too long. That night Lauren and Jahmari formed a bond that they still share today. They chatted about so many topics from starting their freshman year in college at different schools to their future. After they said their goodbyes Lauren received a text from Jahmari that read: “Do you like me?”, and of course Lauren replied, “Yes”. The rest was history.

           In August 2011 Lauren and Jahmari decided to move their friendship to a relationship. Jahmari attended The University of Iowa and Lauren attended George Washington University (DC) where she played collegiate basketball. Their relationship was doubted by others who thought the distance would break them apart, but with faith in the God, the power of prayer, and strong communication their relationship continued to flourish. In May 2015 you couldn’t tell Lauren anything, Jahmari had graduated from college and he was coming home! After four years it was safe to say that they were young and in love. In February 2016, Jahmari escorted Lauren for her senior game night followed by a gathering at her Parents house to celebrate her basketball accomplishments with family and friends. Before the food was served everyone had the opportunity to give a toast and Jahmari was the last to speak. As his voice trembled he shared how in love he was with Lauren and how there was no doubt that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. As he got down on one knee, Lauren said that her heart stopped. There was shock, happiness, nervousness and joy bottled up inside and she said YES!

            Lauren and Jahmari are so excited and look forward to be around their closest family and friends as they celebrate their union. Lauren and Jahmari will be married on April 22, 2016 at her grandfather’s church in Georgetown, DC followed by an elegant affair at the historic Carnegie Library of Washington D.C. The B Astonished Event Planners are so elated for our Astonishing couple!



6 Things to do, after the I DO!


The wedding reception has ended and the uplights have been shut down. You just stepped off the plane from your 2 week honeymoon in Lala Land and you ask your fiancé, what now? Well have no fear! The B Astonished Events planners are here with 6 things that newlyweds should do, after the I do!

1. Deactivate your wedding website. After the big day, you should deactivate your wedding website and any registries. Be sure to write down any gifts that were not purchased in case you want to buy them in the future with your gift cards or cash you received during your money dance. 

2. Attire. For the Brides: That astonishingly perfect gown that you spent 6 months searching for should be preserved. Have it professionally cleaned and tucked away in a closet of your choice for memories to share in the future. For the Grooms: That perfectly pressed tux jacket that you hurled across the dance floor when the DJ played your favorite song at the reception should now be dry cleaned and tucked away in your closet, or returned if rented. 

(Photo Courtesy of Front Street Video)

(Photo Courtesy of Front Street Video)

3. Changing your name (Miss to Mrs.) If you are legally changing your last name, be sure to change it with all government agencies. Documents such as your social security card, driver’s license, passport, and credit cards are the perfect start. 

4. No more you and me, it’s we (consolidate your accounts) If you haven’t already done so, you and your now wife/husband will probably want to begin consolidating your individual accounts. Bank accounts, leases, utility bills, and not to forget the maxed out credit card that was used for the guest appearance by the unicorn at the reception. 

5. Thank you! After your guest have enjoyed 12 cocktails, a 3 course meal, scrumptious wedding cake, and an amazing party, a personalized thank you note to your guests is still very important. As planners we recommend no more than 3 months after your wedding to send thank you notes, but 6 months at the latest. 

6. We appreciate it! Your wedding vendors worked pretty hard to make your day special (Especially if you are an Astonishing Couple). Although tipping is a part of wedding etiquette, your personal reviews and ratings mean so much more. Not only for the vendors, but for future clients as well. 

Alexandra & Steven

Unlike many of our couples that found love on Facebook, in college, or through a mutual friend, Alexandra and Steven met when they were in elementary school. Steven mentioned that he and Alexandra did not know each other very well, but he does recall a friend of hers asking if he liked her and his reply was “She’s ok”. After elementary school Alexandra and Steven lost contact and later rekindled when Steven found her on Facebook. A few messages and phone calls later Steven asked Alexandra on a date to the movies and the rest was history.

While celebrating Alexandra’s birthday with family and friends at a roof top bar, Steven plotted on the perfect moment to propose to Alexandra. He mentioned that no one was in on the surprise but her Father who he had asked for her hand in marriage the week prior. Steven did not have an elaborate plan for the big proposal; instead he free-lanced and quietly told one of his friends to get ready to record a video of him. He then pulled Alexandra to the middle of the floor, and took a knee, “I was pretty nervous, but before I could get the words out, everyone started screaming with excitement. Alex couldn't hear a word I was saying, so I yelled "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" After a few seconds of shock Alexandra said yes. 

On the big day, Steven is mostly looking forward to seeing Alexandra in her wedding gown. He said that she has done a great job of keeping it away from him and he cant wait for the moment she walks down the grand staircase to the altar.  

Alexandra and Steven chose to have an unplugged (no cameras, sorry guest! J) wedding ceremony on September 10, 2016 at The City Club of Washington located in the heart of Downtown Washington, DC. Their elegant Washingtonian themed ceremony and reception will absolutely stun their guests. The B Astonished Events planners are looking forward to sharing this intimate day with the future Bowman’s and their family and friends. 

What style of save-the-date is right for you and your fiancé?





A save-the-date is a pre-invitation officially announcing your wedding date to let guests know that they will, in fact be invited to your celebration. As a general rule, it’s best to start spreading the news at least six months prior to the ceremony to give your guest’s time to book their travel, find a sitter, take off from work, save some cash for a gift etc.

Think of your save- the- date as a first impression of your wedding. You will want to set the right tone, get guests excited, and send them straight to their calendars to block out your special day. So your save-the-dates should immediately grab your potential guest attention upon opening their envelopes.

So what style of save-the-date is right for you and your future husband or future wife? I’m glad you asked! Technically that’s for you to decide, but the B Astonished planners are more than willing to help you get your creative mind racing. An important thing to keep in mind that your save-the-dates should match you and your partner’s personality. 

Below we have included a variety of save-the-date options that might intrigue you.

1.     Timeline Save-the-Date

Although your guests are pretty familiar with your love story, why not send them a reminder along with your wedding date signifying an important milestone in your courtship? 

Although your guests are pretty familiar with your love story, why not send them a reminder along with your wedding date signifying an important milestone in your courtship? 

2.     Save- the- Weekend


There are many couples who would rather spend more than just a day with their family and friends to celebrate their union. Why not send a save-the-weekend trifold? These will also be very good for a destination wedding. 

There are many couples who would rather spend more than just a day with their family and friends to celebrate their union. Why not send a save-the-weekend trifold? These will also be very good for a destination wedding. 

3.     Fun Save-the Date

For the fun couples out there, these save the dates are guaranteed to give your guest a chuckle once they open their envelopes. 

For the fun couples out there, these save the dates are guaranteed to give your guest a chuckle once they open their envelopes. 

4. Magnetic Save- the- Date


Do you have friends and family members that are very forgetful? Well the magnetic save-the-dates for refrigerators and other places have sure been a hit across the wedding world. Your guests will be sure to post this in a place where they are constantly reminded of your special day. 

Do you have friends and family members that are very forgetful? Well the magnetic save-the-dates for refrigerators and other places have sure been a hit across the wedding world. Your guests will be sure to post this in a place where they are constantly reminded of your special day. 

5. Traditional save-the-date

If you and your fiancé are camera shy or too busy for save-the-date photos then you can always take the traditional route and send a save-the-date with the most pertinent information of your special day. Sometimes less is more! 

If you and your fiancé are camera shy or too busy for save-the-date photos then you can always take the traditional route and send a save-the-date with the most pertinent information of your special day. Sometimes less is more!