Kimya & Shannen

Like many of our couples, Kimya and Shannen met through Social Media. Although they aren't to enthused about how they met, they describe everything after formerly meeting as nothing short of amazing. After their initial meeting in person, Kimya took Shannen who is a Professional Chef to IHOP, which Kimya describes as being very risky, because the choice of cuisine was unmatched for the Chef's taste buds and it almost caused Kimya a fair shot at the relationship. Although Shannen wasn't too thrilled about Kimya's dinner selection she played it cool and still ordered from the limited menu. Through it all, they made it though 3 years on a food journey while building a lasting foundation.

When asked about the "Big Proposal" Kimya responded with, "Who actually proposes in nontraditional relationships? Kimya does!". Kimya took Shannen to dinner and invited Shannen's Mother and Sister along.  She along with her two friends prepared a surprise dessert and wine party for Shannen at their house. Although she was so stressed out in preparation to pop the question she prevailed. She  blindfolded Shannen on the ride home and lead her into the house.  Upon entry everyone jumped out and yelled surprise and proceeded to read a poem that was prepared by Kimya to Shannen. The last sentence of the poem was recited by Kimya which read, "will you marry me".  In the words of Kimya, Shannen stated, "It would be rude to say I guess that means yes!" 

On their wedding day Kimya and Shannen are looking forward to sharing their day of love with all of their family, friends, and friends of their family and friends. The Smith Wedding will be a family affair for sure!

Kimya and Shannen will tye the knot on November 18, 2017 at Robin Hill Farm and Vinyards in Brandywine, MD. The B Astonished Events planners are looking forward to the Smith's Vintage Chic wedding this fall.