6 Things to do, after the I DO!


The wedding reception has ended and the uplights have been shut down. You just stepped off the plane from your 2 week honeymoon in Lala Land and you ask your fiancé, what now? Well have no fear! The B Astonished Events planners are here with 6 things that newlyweds should do, after the I do!

1. Deactivate your wedding website. After the big day, you should deactivate your wedding website and any registries. Be sure to write down any gifts that were not purchased in case you want to buy them in the future with your gift cards or cash you received during your money dance. 

2. Attire. For the Brides: That astonishingly perfect gown that you spent 6 months searching for should be preserved. Have it professionally cleaned and tucked away in a closet of your choice for memories to share in the future. For the Grooms: That perfectly pressed tux jacket that you hurled across the dance floor when the DJ played your favorite song at the reception should now be dry cleaned and tucked away in your closet, or returned if rented. 

(Photo Courtesy of Front Street Video)

(Photo Courtesy of Front Street Video)

3. Changing your name (Miss to Mrs.) If you are legally changing your last name, be sure to change it with all government agencies. Documents such as your social security card, driver’s license, passport, and credit cards are the perfect start. 

4. No more you and me, it’s we (consolidate your accounts) If you haven’t already done so, you and your now wife/husband will probably want to begin consolidating your individual accounts. Bank accounts, leases, utility bills, and not to forget the maxed out credit card that was used for the guest appearance by the unicorn at the reception. 

5. Thank you! After your guest have enjoyed 12 cocktails, a 3 course meal, scrumptious wedding cake, and an amazing party, a personalized thank you note to your guests is still very important. As planners we recommend no more than 3 months after your wedding to send thank you notes, but 6 months at the latest. 

6. We appreciate it! Your wedding vendors worked pretty hard to make your day special (Especially if you are an Astonishing Couple). Although tipping is a part of wedding etiquette, your personal reviews and ratings mean so much more. Not only for the vendors, but for future clients as well.