Alexandra & Steven

Unlike many of our couples that found love on Facebook, in college, or through a mutual friend, Alexandra and Steven met when they were in elementary school. Steven mentioned that he and Alexandra did not know each other very well, but he does recall a friend of hers asking if he liked her and his reply was “She’s ok”. After elementary school Alexandra and Steven lost contact and later rekindled when Steven found her on Facebook. A few messages and phone calls later Steven asked Alexandra on a date to the movies and the rest was history.

While celebrating Alexandra’s birthday with family and friends at a roof top bar, Steven plotted on the perfect moment to propose to Alexandra. He mentioned that no one was in on the surprise but her Father who he had asked for her hand in marriage the week prior. Steven did not have an elaborate plan for the big proposal; instead he free-lanced and quietly told one of his friends to get ready to record a video of him. He then pulled Alexandra to the middle of the floor, and took a knee, “I was pretty nervous, but before I could get the words out, everyone started screaming with excitement. Alex couldn't hear a word I was saying, so I yelled "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" After a few seconds of shock Alexandra said yes. 

On the big day, Steven is mostly looking forward to seeing Alexandra in her wedding gown. He said that she has done a great job of keeping it away from him and he cant wait for the moment she walks down the grand staircase to the altar.  

Alexandra and Steven chose to have an unplugged (no cameras, sorry guest! J) wedding ceremony on September 10, 2016 at The City Club of Washington located in the heart of Downtown Washington, DC. Their elegant Washingtonian themed ceremony and reception will absolutely stun their guests. The B Astonished Events planners are looking forward to sharing this intimate day with the future Bowman’s and their family and friends.