Young Love Wins!!

          If you would have asked Lauren and Jahmari about marriage seven years ago they would have laughed at the thought of it. Was it denial or were they just not into one another? After years of being friends in high school Jahmari never made a pass at Lauren. On one hot summer night Lauren received a text from Jahmari asking for her to come outside. For anyone who is familiar with Lauren knows that she immediately turned down the invitation with the fear of getting caught by her parents, but for Jahmari she gave in with a stipulation that she would not stay out too long. That night Lauren and Jahmari formed a bond that they still share today. They chatted about so many topics from starting their freshman year in college at different schools to their future. After they said their goodbyes Lauren received a text from Jahmari that read: “Do you like me?”, and of course Lauren replied, “Yes”. The rest was history.

           In August 2011 Lauren and Jahmari decided to move their friendship to a relationship. Jahmari attended The University of Iowa and Lauren attended George Washington University (DC) where she played collegiate basketball. Their relationship was doubted by others who thought the distance would break them apart, but with faith in the God, the power of prayer, and strong communication their relationship continued to flourish. In May 2015 you couldn’t tell Lauren anything, Jahmari had graduated from college and he was coming home! After four years it was safe to say that they were young and in love. In February 2016, Jahmari escorted Lauren for her senior game night followed by a gathering at her Parents house to celebrate her basketball accomplishments with family and friends. Before the food was served everyone had the opportunity to give a toast and Jahmari was the last to speak. As his voice trembled he shared how in love he was with Lauren and how there was no doubt that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. As he got down on one knee, Lauren said that her heart stopped. There was shock, happiness, nervousness and joy bottled up inside and she said YES!

            Lauren and Jahmari are so excited and look forward to be around their closest family and friends as they celebrate their union. Lauren and Jahmari will be married on April 22, 2016 at her grandfather’s church in Georgetown, DC followed by an elegant affair at the historic Carnegie Library of Washington D.C. The B Astonished Event Planners are so elated for our Astonishing couple!