Brystle and Quentin

Brystle and Quentin met in 2012 when a friend added Brystle to an email list-serve at work with other young, black professionals, known as "The List."  Although, both Brystle and Quentin spoke to each other regularly on the emails, their first notable interaction came when they sat next to each other during a lunch outing at an Indian restaurant. Brystle and Quentin became good friends, and over the years their friendship grew as The List members planned several happy hours, cookouts, and events. It wasn't until 2015 that their friendship turned into more. Quentin posted about an old school R&B concert to The List to see if anyone was interested in going, and due to Brystle's love for old school R&B and concerts, she immediately responded.  No one else from The List ended up going. March Madness brought Brystle and Quentin even closer.  Brystle and Quentin ended up going to a college basketball game together, after talking about how much they both enjoyed college basketball.  They also went to Front Page in DC to watch a couple of March Madness games and hang out.  That is where Quentin let it be known to Brystle that he preferred not to be in the friend zone and asked to take Brystle out on a date.  He took her on a day-long first date and the rest was history!

In May 2016, Brystle received a call from a friend telling her he was going to propose to his girlfriend on June 11th and wanted her presence at the proposal. She was very excited and honored to be a part of this special moment! On June 11, Quentin got a call about going to help set up for the friend's proposal and later called Brystle to tell her to meet him across the street from the proposal location so they could drive to the location in one car.  When they arrived, Brystle saw mutual friends so she didn't suspect anything. There was music playing in the background and Brystle talked to others that were there. The song "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake played and Quentin started dancing with Brystle. He led her to a chair with a mirror behind it and then disappeared. Brystle immediately stood up because she didn't want to ruin what she thought was her friend's event. A friend insisted she sit there so that it didn't look obvious others arrive. Brystle thought that was strange but went with it. Suddenly, everyone started giving Brystle flowers, pictures, and hugs. She kept asking what is going on? Then, her other friends and family came from around the corner with flowers. She was in such disbelief that she kept asking what they were doing there. The last person to come around the corner was Quentin wearing a suit that he changed into, and he asked Brystle to marry him. Brystle was completely surprised! Of course, she said yes!

On the day of their wedding Quentin is looking forward to see Brystle walk down the aisle and Brystle is looking forward to exchanging vows and officially becoming Husband and Wife. They both are looking forward to their wedding  reception to share this significant day with their family and friends. 

Brystle and Quentin will be married on September 24, 2017 at They Hyatt Regency, Crystal City VA followed by a scenic cocktail hour overlooking the Ronald Reagan National Airport and a fun filled party atmosphere wedding reception.

Checkout their engagement video below: