Yasmín and Brandon

Brandon and Yasmín met at a labor law conference for minority law students at the end of Yasmín's first year and Brandon's second year of law school. When Brandon approached the conference room for the participants, he saw Yasmín sitting and quickly walked to the restroom to make sure he looked debonair. Yasmín recalls Brandon having an attitude when she initially approached him to inquire about his last name, however Brandon saw his "straight to the point" response as nothing more than a typical response from a New Yorker. Later that day, they found out that they had mutual acquaintances. And in his opinion, they shared a ice cream sandwich when Yasmín offered him the rest of hers. Following the two day conference Brandon emailed Yasmín to offer to answer any questions she had about labor law and to be a resource as she embarked on her second year of law school. [He thought he was slick!] From there they developed a friendship which led to...well...this!

When Brandon knew Yasmín was the one [which he knew very early on according to his friends], he took Yasmín to NY for his annual Christmas Tree viewing at Rockerfeller Center with his father. After spending 4 seconds viewing the tree and going to eat at their favorite NY restaurant, Dallas BBQs, Brandon rushed Yasmín to Central Park for what he claimed was a surprise. Once at Central Park, they embarked on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the park and viewed historic landmarks. They got out numerous times to take pictures and on one of their departures from the carriage, the driver asked Yasmín if she trusted Brandon, which led to her being blind folded. Brandon escorted Yasmín down to a secluded lake where a violinist began to play "All My Life" by K-Ci & JoJo. Yasmín can't recall anything Brandon said leading up to the "big question," but she does remember the pure panic on his face when the ring wouldn't go past her knuckle - No fear! The ring fit, but he was just nervous. From there they got back in the carriage with the violinist serenading them until the ride ended. 

On their wedding day Brandon and Yasmín are looking forward to all of their time and hard work coming to fruition as they get to embark on the next chapter of their lives, with friends and loves ones watching alongside. Oh and of course the dancing, food [& drinks], and music! The Groom to be also wanted to mention,"And lets not forget, we will be one day closer to our honeymoon!"

Yasmín and Brandon will be saying "I do" on October 8, 2017 at the breathtaking Legg Mason Towers in Baltimore, MD.  The B Astonished Event Planners are looking forward to our very first October Wedding 24 story's above ground. We will literally and figuratively be on cloud 9 for #WorththeWaite