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An elaborate scheme or the Perfect proposal in New York City-Times Square?

Photography by: Terri Baskin Photography

Danae and Shawn met during the Summer of 2008 at the firm where they worked. Shawn was a Junior Systems Administrator and Danae, as she describes it was in between working hard and hardly working whilst docketing and taking leisurly lunch breaks. Throughout the years Danae and Shawn became good friends and stayed in touch, even after Danae departed ways with the firm. After a few years passed by Danae and Shawn finally decided to meet up for dinner to see where it would go. Danae stated, "It was finally time to give love a chance."

After a few failed attempts by Shawn to get Danae to travel to New York City with him, she finally gave in. On this particular occasion, Shawn created an elaborate scheme to surprise the love of his life. As they made their way to Times Square to meet up with friends for drinks, Shawn's friends insisted that they visit a specific store to buy a hat because it was so cold. As they attempted to enter the store to purchase the hat Shawn was adamant that they choose another door to enter. Unbeknownst to Danae, her Mom was hiding on the other side of the door that they were forbidden to enter. Before Danae could enter the store, Shawn told her to look up towards the billboard. As Danae looked up, a HUGE photo of them appeared and she immediately sensed that something was happening-just not quite sure what. After Danae was able to gather herself enough to read the words on the screen; she looked back down and Shawn was on one knee. Danae said. "He really out did himself! He managed to get everyone to show up including my mom, grandparents, his parents, our friends, and although my best friends couldn't make it they were on the phone as soon as it was all said and done"

Danae and Shawn are set to tie the knot on April 27, 2019 at the Historical Oxon Hill Manor in Prince Georges County. On their wedding day, Danae is looking forward to the ceremony and the significance that it holds for the future of their next chapter together. Shawn is most excited about seeing his beautiful bride walk down the aisle and spending the rest of his life with her. The B Astonished Events team is looking forward to executing a memorable day for The Future Mr. and Mrs. Smith. #Smittensmiths

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