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On the Love Lock Bridge in Paris, is where she said "YES"!

“Brittney and Antonio initially met freshman year at Howard University. They never dated, but remained acquaintances throughout College as they shared mutual friends. They even shared the same major and were in some of the same classes. Following graduation, the couple ran into each other from time to time, but still remained friends. One 4thof July weekend, they both attended their mutual friend's pool party where they connected. They spent the rest of the party talking and getting to know one another and later continued their conversation at IHOP after the party, which turned into an unofficial first date.  After that night, the two began dating and have been together ever since.

In May 2017, Brittney graduated with her master's degree and Antonio took Brittney to Paris as a post-graduation gift.  Somehow, in the midst of all of Brittney's plans and schedules during the trip, Antonio surprised her on the "Love Lock Bridge" (Pont des Arts) with his proposal.  He further surprised her when she realized that he'd hired a photographer to capture their proposal so that they would always be able to reflect back on this special moment.  

Now that Brittney and Antonio are in full planning mode and only 4 months out from being married, they are most excited about and looking forward to finally bringing all of their family and friends together in one place and celebrating their union.  They want it to be one big party for everyone after months of planning and anticipation for this big day!

Brittney and Antonio will be celebrating their nuptials at the beautiful Bayfront Club on the Chesapeake Bay in Edgewater, MD. The B Astonished Events planners are looking forward to sharing this intimate day with the future Moore’s and their family and friends.

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