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Top 4 Reasons to Have an Unplugged Ceremony

Updated: May 12, 2018

We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of… [*Whispers* Excuse me, can you please move your iPad]. We have all attended a wedding or two where our view was compromised by a phone, iPad, or camera of another wedding guest. Let’s be forthright, you could have been the culprit obstructing the view of others. We are here today to share a list of reasons on why unplugged ceremonies are becoming more popular.

(Photo: Aloha Bridal Connections)

While some bride and grooms are embracing technology during their ceremony, others are shying away from guests lending the extra hand to capture the special moment. Let’s use Melissa Williams (Beck) as an example. Melissa is one of the B Astonished Events planner who recently wed last August. When Melissa started visualizing her big day she already knew that her wedding ceremony would be unplugged. As planners, we have witnessed countless professional photographer shots ruined by guests, which is most likely part of the reason that helped her come to this decision. When asked why she chose an unplugged ceremony she was extremely happy to share.

"I am really glad I made the decision to have an unplugged ceremony. My pictures came out amazing and although I had a large wedding, I felt like my ceremony was intimate with my closest family & friends".

Melissa - 08/18/2018

The idea of an unplugged ceremony isn’t new, but somehow it is slowly but surely becoming a part of wedding etiquette. If you would have asked me [De’Angela, B Astonished Events, planner] about an unplugged ceremony before I got into the industry, I would have told you that my future wedding guests could “flick it up” like they were at a Beyoncé concert, but my thought process has changed for many reasons to include social media sharing and the wishes of my significant other. Wedding photography has truly become an investment. You have one opportunity to capture this moment, is this pic below what you would want to see when you open your wedding album to share?

There may be some unhappy family members and friends about your wishes of choosing an unplugged ceremony, but you can assure them that they will be allowed to take as many shots as they would like during cocktail hour and the reception. If the Bride and Groom are very generous they may decide to post photos of the ceremony on a blog, share their photography link, or post a few photos on their wedding website like Melissa has chosen to do.

There are numerous reasons why an unplugged ceremony may or not be ideal for you. Now that we have shared our thoughts and opinions we would love to hear yours.

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