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They exchanged numbers before and had no idea!

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Marlon and Courtney met in 2012 at a bar in College Park, Maryland. Marlon describes the bar as not being just any regular bar, but the most "lit" bar at the time. As students of The University of Maryland College Park, Big Play was a staple in the community. (Melissa and I (De'Angela) are both Alumnus of the University of Maryland and we can attest to this) Marlon and Courtney were hanging out with their respective group of friends and they decided to join forces. They ordered strong drinks, shared laughs, and when the night finally came to an end it was only fitting that they exchange numbers. As they went to exchange numbers they discovered that they already had the each others numbers saved, but couldn’t recall how or when. Marlon said that, even then it seemed like God had a plan for them.

After that night of their second attempt at exchanging numbers their friendship became stronger and more colorful. From weekends out in DC, lunch dates in the Stamp Student Union on campus, and study sessions in the dorms, they grew closer. Even when Courtney became a Sigma Dove of the Epsilon Psi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated, where Marlon is a brother, their bond strengthened further. They both graduated in 2013 and spent five years growing and learning in love.

In February 2018, Marlon took Courtney on a mini cabin trip to Virginia. Courtney had no idea that Marlon was planning to pop the question. Courtney’s friends Jasmine and Moriah traveled ahead of time without her knowing to help set the scene for Marlon's big secret. While Marlon and Courtney were caught in traffic, Jasmine and Moriah ran around like crazy to get everything perfectly set up before their arrival. Finally the moment had come. Starving and completely exhausted from their commute, they walked towards the cabin with nothing but the porch lighting their way. When they opened the door they entered into a Valentine’s Day extravaganza complete with candles, 90’s R&B, with Jasmine and Moriah ready. Marlon dropped down to one knee, and to Courtney’s disbelief, asked for her hand in marriage. After being in complete denial, a series of expletives (LOL), and a ugly cry later, Courtney happily said YES!

Heading into marriage, Marlon and Courtney have come to better understand the reasons they have to be thankful and how blessed they are to have each other. They are so excited to see through to new beginnings, adventures, and unyielding abundance.

On the wedding day Marlon is looking forward to exchanging vows with his soon to be wife and leaving his heart at the altar for everyone to see. He also mentioned that he is highly anticipating the last 10 minutes of his wedding night as he already knows that it will be one for the books. Courtney who is a little more reserved expressed that she is looking forward to Marlon showing a little emotion and partying the night away with their family and friends. Marlon and Courtney are set to wed on August 30, 2019 at Kent Manor in Stevensville, Maryland. The B Astonished Events team is looking forward to the future Mr. and Mrs. Simpson's Big Day. We know that it will be a night to remember.


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