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Three years, two souls, and one whirlwind romance

It was a Tuesday evening when Sheree entered Brandon's workplace looking for a part-time position. Brandon was hesitant about coming out of his office to meet Sheree, but he was later glad that he did. As Brandon walked out of his office he spotted Sheree standing there with the most beautiful smile alongside her son. Brandon eventually interviewed Sheree for the job and hired her as an employee. After Brandon and Sheree realized that they had a connection Sheree resigned and they began to date exclusively.

Brandon had the ring in his possession for weeks, but he wanted to plan something special for Sheree. He didn't know how he wanted to propose, but he did know that Sheree would want her family and friends present. Brandon and Sheree's best friend Melissa came up with a plan to schedule a "graduation" photoshoot on the Georgetown Waterfront to celebrate Sheree's anticipated college graduation. He also knew that Sheree would be dressed really nice for the occasion, which was perfect. On April 20, 2018, Brandon convinced Sheree that he would be working the entire day and could not make her photoshoot. Meanwhile, he was busy picking up the kids and coordinating the arrival with her friends and family. When Sheree arrived the photographer arranged for her to take some shots infront of the staircase leading to the water. As Sheree got in place, Brandon tiptoed the stairs behind her and kneeled down anticipating the perfect moment for Sheree to turn around. As Sheree turned around to throw confetti she noticed Brandon on his knee and screamed in shock and excitement.

Sheree and Brandon's wedding will take place at The Osprey's at Belmont Bay in Woodbridge, VA. The future Raspberry's are looking forward to seeing their Paris themed reception come to life. We are looking forward to celebrating this joyous occasion with our friends and can't wait to witness the beginning of another happily ever after!


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